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engineersgateway.com is the best online source of study material for mechanical engineering graduate and diploma students. In this platform, I am trying to provide you MCQ questions of important topics of Mechanical Engineering and their answers, which are asked in various competitive exams. These competitive exams include GATE, SSC, Public Sector, IES, Railways, State Engineering Services, and other engineering exams.

The study material and PDF of various topics of Mechanical Engineering subjects are also available.
Apart from this, I am also providing questions and answers asked at the interview time in private and government jobs in the mechanical engineering sector.
Besides, you are told about the wide scope of mechanical engineering studies and job resources at home and abroad.

My name is Jayaprakash k, and I am a resident of Banda Uttar Pradesh. I have done my M. Tech from Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Engineering). I am a Ph.D. research scholar in Mechanical Engineering since 2017. I have been teaching engineering graduate and engineering diploma students for the last 15 years.